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Today more than ever, it is the responsibility of everyone, especially businesses, to embody the change we want to see in the world by providing the means, tools, and space to do so.

In this sense, and to accelerate awareness in a playful way, we have created a tool for awareness open to everyone on the impacts of digital technology on the environment.

What is WeImpact Carbon?

WeImpact Carbon is a web application (which can become mobile) aimed at measuring, acting, and reducing environmental impacts related to the overconsumption of digital technology.

This application aims in particular to help IT and CSR departments in their awareness and reduction strategy, to measure the impact of web browsing by employees and/or willing citizens, and to accompany them in a playful way in this reduction, in collective intelligence.

How does it work?

Download our plugin

WeImpact Carbon

In order to measure your internet consumption.

Complete our challenges

WeImpact Carbon

To gain experience in order to level up.

Collect coins

WeImpact Carbon

Each completed challenge earns you a little jackpot.

Receive gifts

WeImpact Carbon

Exchange your coins for a selection of gifts.

We are the matrix!

Each of our daily digital actions - watching television via our ADSL box, sharing photos on social networks, making an appointment with the doctor, or checking our bank balance - is an atom in the digital universe.

A universe that is swelling at a dizzying speed and whose expansion translates into colossal environmental impacts. Fortunately, digital technology can also help to meet the great challenges facing humanity. Especially if we adopt a posture of digital sobriety.

For this, it is necessary to be aware of our negative impacts, and to have the means and tools necessary to adopt better habits.

The Problem

    Healing, educating, spreading, digital represents undeniable progress, BUT:

  • today, the younger generations are not aware of the impact of their digital use;
  • the environmental footprint grows as fast as the universe;
  • a worrying source of stress and mental load.

It is therefore a matter of understanding why and how a reasoned use of digital can be beneficial. However, there is urgency because all signals show that Homo numericus is literally hypnotized by its discovery.

Like the wheel and fire, digital must be a tool at the service of humanity, and not what will accelerate its loss.

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